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Ratzinger says Church's "new springtime" not about numbers

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger has insisted that what Pope John Paul II calls the "new springtime" of the Church is a reality, but that it will not "necessarily" be significant in terms of numbers.

John Paul II has often written about the "new Springtime" in the Church. In a May 1991 homily, he said: "A new missionary age will arise, a new springtime for the Church".

Speaking with the Polish Catholic news agency KAI, Cardinal Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith said that there are groups of the new generations in the Church today which represent "a new springtime of the Church that renews the world."

The Cardinal explained that "we should not think that in the near future Christianity will become a movement of the masses again, going back to a situation like Medieval times."

"At least we cannot expect that in the current conditions," he added.

Nevertheless, recalling a phrase used by Lenin of Communist Russia, Ratzinger said that "the powerful minorities, which have something to say and something to bring to society, will determine the future."

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10 Aug 2004