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Hoax weeping statue church chases missing donations

After finding that a statue of a weeping Virgin Mary was an elaborate hoax, the Vietnamese Catholic Centre at Inala in Brisbane is investigating what became of money donated by the faithful who came to see it.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the Centre is raising funds for extensions and refurbishment.

"I just want to find out if there was any connection between the actual phenomenon that happened there and the collections that came in at that time," Brisbane Archbishop John Bathersby said yesterday.

"There's been accusations it was driven by a money-making process and it was a phenomenon organised by someone to bring in funds for the centre. There are so many accusations and counter-accusations that I just don't know what's the truth of the matter."

Apart from taking in donations, the centre received money from the sale of statues, crucifixes and other religious objects. Archbishop Bathersby said the centre denied any association with souvenir DVDs offered for sale on its internet site.

After a two-month investigation using X-rays and mass sprectroscopy, the Catholic Church found that the weeping statue appeared to be a marvellous event but was no miracle.

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6 Aug 2004