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Magazine highlights nuncio's worry about liturgical abuse

The August edition of AD2000 has expressed concern about reported negative reaction to papal nuncio Archbishop Francesco Canalini's expression of concern about liturgical abuses, to 120 leaders of Australian religious congregations gathered in Brisbane in June.

A homily of Archbishop Canalini (pictured) included reference to an excess of "conviviality" that can sideline the sacrificial dimension of the Mass.

He said: "The celebration of Holy Mass with vessels more and more similar to those used in normal meals, including ordinary glasses in which the Blood of Christ is poured for distribution of communion to the faithful, can convey the same idea of secular conviviality."

AD2000 quoted a reaction of "substantial anger" on the part of some religious, which was reported in the rival Online Catholics publication.

The magazine expressed concern about the level of influence exerted by members of religious congregations.

"This negative response highlights the challenge facing Australia's bishops, given that religious men and women play prominent roles in many liturgy bodies."

Pope's representative reminds Australian religious leaders on liturgy abuses (AD2000 August 2004)

Australian Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes
Online Catholics

5 Aug 2004