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Brisbane priest says rosary beads 'shed oil'

A priest whose church was the site of several so-called miracles told parishioners his personal rosary beads had shed oil during an interstate trip.

The Courier-Mail reports today that Fr Joseph Thanh Liem Nguyen, the chaplain of the Vietnamese Catholic Community Centre in Inala on Brisbane's south-western outskirts, made the claim in Vietnamese on a website used by the centre.

While the Courier-Mail article was published this morning, the website claim on which it is based appears to pre-date last week's announcement by Archbishop John Bathersby that a church investigation has found that oil-seeping and "bleeding" artefacts at the church were fake.

The paper reports that Fr Nguyen also said a statue of Mary and a portrait of Jesus at the centre seeped oil at the same time.

"From 5 June to 6 June, when I was in Adelaide, South Australia, my rosary bead, which had shedding oil and put in a small box and was used for my night prayer, once again started shedding oil with a strong smell of roses," Fr Nguyen said.

The website was translated into English by a Church commission of inquiry into several religious artefacts said to have seeped oil at the centre.

The inquiry focused its attention on a 60cm statue of Mary.

It tested no further artefacts after the discovery of "two fine holes in the statue" through which a "syringe could be used to introduce a liquid".

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4 Aug 2004