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ACU head reveals surprise at Notre Dame Uni announcement

Australian Catholic University Vice Chancellor Professor Peter Sheehan has told Online Catholics that Sunday's announcement of federal funding for Notre Dame University's new Sydney campus was unexpected, and that such an arrangement is "unprecedented".

"It is very, very unusual for governments to allocate public funds for private universities," he told Online Catholics. "It is equally unusual for governments to allocate funds for infrastructure. There is no precedent for this arrangement of which I am aware."

Mr Howard, who received an honourary doctorate of Laws from the Notre Dame University in 2001, announced the $4 million in federal funding on Sunday. Online Catholics says the government contribution will supplement the $25 million in Archdiocesan resources and grants to be provided by the Sydney Archdiocese.

Australian Catholic University is also facing a requirement that it pay the Sydney Archdiocese commercial rents on buildings on two of its campuses. The ACU has paid the Archdiocese a peppercorn rent over the last 10 years on land and buildings which were acquired at a reduced cost from religious orders.

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4 Aug 2004