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Pope returns rare icon to Russia

Cardinal Walter Kasper has handed a precious icon back to the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow as a personal gift from Pope John Paul II.

The image is an 18th-Century copy of one of Russia's most sacred images, the Virgin of Kazan, and was bought in the West by Roman Catholics in 1970.

Patriarch Alexy, the head of the Russian Church, thanked the Pope, who views the gift as a goodwill gesture.

But he also appealed to Rome not to try to "compete" for Russian Christians.

The icon was handed over by Catholic Cardinal Walter Kasper in a ceremony at the Kremlin's Cathedral of the Assumption after a service to mark the Orthodox Feast of the Assumption.

It is expected to be housed temporarily in a chapel at Patriarch Alexy's residence until a decision is taken on its permanent home.

The original Virgin of Kazan icon, named after the eastern Russian city where it was found in 1579 and used to inspire Russian soldiers such as those who fought Napoleon in 1812, is believed to have perished.

The Pope kept the painting hanging above his desk in his private apartments and showed it to Vladimir Putin when the Russian president visited the Vatican last year.

Speaking after the ceremony, Patriarch Alexy told reporters he hoped that the two Churches could agree not to "compete on the territory of Russia but... each minister to [its] believers".

For his part, the Pope said in a message that despite the division between Moscow and Rome, the icon was a "symbol of the unity of the followers of the only-begotten son of God".

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30 Aug 2004