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Church fine-tuning response to Vatican gluten insistence

Melbourne's Archbishop Denis Hart has insisted that the Church is most concerned to meet the needs of those with gluten allergies wishing to received the Eucharist, and has proposed at least one workaround.

For a decade Australians were able to use gluten-free wafers, but last week -

After a Vatican ruling that the communion host must contain at least some wheat to be valid, Church authorities in Australia have instructed host makers to withdraw gluten-free wafers in favour of a low-gluten variety.

Archbishop Hart told The Age that bishops are bound by what the church disposed, but are concerned to meet people's pastoral needs.

He proposed that gluten-intolerant Catholics could take the wine instead, and if are still concerned, it might be contaminated the priest could consecrate a second chalice with just a little wine for those with the allergy.

National Liturgy Commission director Peter Williams said that many sufferers and priests had contacted him. "I'm responding case by case," he said.

The Age today reports advice from Anaphylaxis Australia, which represents wheat-allergic people whom it claims could die in minutes even from a low-gluten wafer. The body says a trial of the new wafers is not an option, nor is taking the chalice instead because communion wine is highly likely to contain traces of wheat.

It is in response to this challenge that Archbishop Hart proposes the consecration of a second, non-contaminated, chalice of wine.

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26 Aug 2004