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Bishop Grech says visa changes must go further

Australia's Catholic Bishops have said the government's decision to allow some refugees on Temporary Protection Visas (TPV) to apply for permanent residency does not go far enough.

Refugees on temporary visas who live in country areas and have been employed for a year will be eligible to apply for permanent residency under relaxed guidelines released on Tuesday. The changes, issued by Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone, also ease restrictions for student visas and remove a ban preventing temporary visa holders married to Australians from gaining spouse visas.

With Sunday's World Day of Prayer for Migrants and Refugees approaching, Bishop Joseph Grech has welcomed the Federal Government's movement on the issue, but stressed that it does not alter the fundamental lack of fairness in the TPV regime.

Bishop Grech of the Victorian Diocese of Sandhurst, is chairman of the Bishops' Committee for Migrants and Refugees. He expressed regret that the government's decision applies only to current TPV holders, and not to future arrivals.

"All people who are granted a TPV have been found to be genuine refugees, but they are denied permanent protection because of the method of their arrival in Australia," he said. "The Catholic Church has argued consistently that all genuine refugees are deserving of Australia's complete and ongoing protection.

In the most recent comment from church leaders on the issue, Cardinal George Pell last Friday spoke out on behalf of six Kosovar families from Albury-Wodonga whom local Catholics are backing in their fight against deportation to their homeland.

But Bishop Grech said the system discriminates against those in the capital cities. He argued that while many regional and rural communities had opened their arms to TPV holders and provided jobs and assistance, so too had communities within Australia's cities, often providing to these people the support which is denied them by the government.

"We will always welcome any changes to government policy which allow genuine refugees to apply for permanent protection, but will continue to press for ongoing protection for all refugees, no matter how they arrive."

Meanwhile national director of the Uniting Church's UnitingJustice, Rev. Elenie Poulos, said Tuesday's announcement should be followed up by policy changes that address the real problems facing Australia's refugee protection system.

"These changes prove that all that is required to treat people humanely is political will. But this attempt to address the needs of current TPV holding refugees ignores the fundamental flaws in our humanitarian program."

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26 Aug 2004