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Shamed Bush Catholic adviser resigns

A key Catholic adviser to the re-election campaign of US President George Bush has stepped down following the revelation of sexual harrassment allegations that led to his 1995 resignation from a teaching position at the Jesuits' Fordham University in New York.

Deal Hudson, 54, who publishes the Catholic journal Crisis, said in his column in National Review: "No one regrets my past mistakes more than I do."

"At the time, I dealt with this in an upright manner, and the matter was satisfactorily resolved long ago," he continued.

He accused an unnamed "liberal" Catholic publication of conducting a smear campaign.

The New York Times describes him as the "architect of a Republican effort to court Catholic voters".

Meeting regularly with the President's top political aide, Karl Rove, the Crisis publisher has sought to strengthen the President's appeal to he Catholic voters, who are seen as a crucial bloc in this year's presidential contest.

A convert to Catholicism who was raised as a Southern Baptist, Hudson points out that he had written about his past mistakes, and the forgiveness that he found in the Catholic Church, in his autobiographical book, An American Conversion.

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20 Aug 2004