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US charities daunted by terrorism screening requirement

Catholic Charities in the US have expressed alarm at the prospect of having to investigate thousands of employees, volunteers and subcontractors around the world.

Catholic News Service reports on the implications of three sentences in Item 16 of the check-off list for applications for funding from the federal employees' United Way-style charity campaign.

The section, added to applications in the last year, requires each of the 10,000 charities that receives money through the Combined Federal Campaign to certify that it does not knowingly employ people or contribute to organizations whose names appear on any of several terrorist watch lists maintained by the government.

Like the United Way, the campaign is a way for government employees to donate a part of their paycheck to charity. This is an insignificant task for many charities, but the Baltimore-based Caritas-affiliated organisation Catholic Relief Services fears it might need to check not only the names of its own 5000 to 6000 employees worldwide, but the names of every employee at every one of the thousands of partner agencies and vendors it uses around the world.

Charities face daunting terrorism screening requirement (Catholic News Service 18/8/04)

Catholic Relief Services

20 Aug 2004