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Education Commission welcomes Labor's needs-based funding plan

The National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC) issued a statement following the ALP's announcement of Federal-State cooperation in achieving a funding formula based on the needs, rather than identity, of a school.

States and a future federal Labor Government would work to ensure that all schools had at least a minimum level of resources, under an agreement reached by Opposition Leader Mark Latham and premiers.

State Government and Federal Opposition leaders yesterday agreed to set a benchmark of resources needed by all schools and would bring in a needs-based funding system to ensure that schools hit the benchmark.

"The standard will address questions of technology, teacher supply and quality, early literacy issues, retention rates," Mr Latham said.

In a statement released by Monsignor Tom Doyle of the National Catholic Education Commission in Canberra, the Catholic sector welcomed the proposal.

"NCEC would be pleased to see that a Commonwealth Labor Government would provide further increases for non-government schools in the areas of capital works, targeted programs, students with disabilities and Indigenous students," said the statement "NCEC is in agreement that schools, Government and Non-Government should be transparently accountable for the significant public investment in them."

The Commission stressed that it is "happy to co-operate with all Governments" to ensure "high educational standards and effective resourcing for all Australian schools, Government and Non-Government".

Federal Education Minister Brendan Nelson expressed his scepticism about the proposal because the extra Commonwealth money is not matched by increased funding from the states.

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16 Jul 2004