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Jesuit makes Bangkok AIDS presentation for asylum seeker activist

Fr Peter Norden of Jesuit Social Services in Melbourne made a presentation at the 15th International HIV/AIDS Conference in Bangkok on Tuesday, on behalf of Nigerian HIV/AIDS activist, Olawale Olaitan, currently seeking asylum in Australia and being accommodated in a Jesuit Social Services community house.

Fr Norden, Policy Director at Jesuit Social Services, is a member of the Australian Government's Advisory Committee on HIV/AIDS. He is one of many Australian delegates, and part of an international team of Jesuit representatives that includes African Jesuit AIDS Network director Fr Michael Czerny, and a moral theologian and physician from the United States.

He said that Jesuits in the Asian region, and their institutions, are facing an "immediate challenge" as the HIV infection level rises in Asia.

Meanwhile Fr Czerny spoke with Catholic News Service about the threat AIDS poses to Africa. He identified poverty as both "a cause and a consequence" of HIV and AIDS.

"Poverty reduces people's choices and capacities and poverty is obviously an enormous obstacle, perhaps the principal one, to access to care and treatment," he said. "Many people in Africa are dying of AIDS because of poverty."

Fr Czerny said churches throughout Africa are "responding creatively and energetically" to the challenge of HIV/AIDS, even though church leaders at times have lagged behind.

"In Africa, the church is doing better than it is speaking," he said. "There is more AIDS ministry going on, of great quality and variety, than you would think from what the bishops are actually saying. The bishops are not leading with their statements, but the people of God are leading with their responses.

"Many bishops don't see clearly how to integrate AIDS ministry into the normal life and work of the church," said Fr Czerny. "That's our current challenge, to integrate it, strengthen it and make sure it reaches every corner of the region."

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15 Jul 2004