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Jesuit Centre says Australia must support Indonesia reforms

The Sydney-based Uniya Jesuit Social Justice Centre has released a paper stressing that it is in Australia's interests to support Indonesia on its course of reform towards the rule and law and respect for human rights.

The Indonesia report, titled View on Indonesia: the Political and Human Rights Situation, is part of a series of Uniya publications offering background to key security and human rights challenges for countries of the Asia Pacific regopm.

"This initial report comes at a time when Indonesia's first popular election raises many questions about the future direction of Australia's largest regional neighbour," said Uniya director Sr Patty Fawkner.'

"However, the challenges to reform are great. The greatest of these is dismantling the entrenched legacy of militarism which will be a slow and difficult process.

"While Australia and Indonesia are historically and culturally different, we share many common interests. The Bali bombings are a tragic reminder that the security of both our countries will depend upon an Indonesia that is democratic and prosperous and an Australia that is seen as an honest neighbour and not as a self-serving regional sheriff."

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14 Jul 2004