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Launch of Cardinal Clancy book on St Paul

Walk Worthy of Your Vocation is the title of a new book by former Sydney Archbishop Cardinal Edward Clancy, to be launched later this week at the Australian Catholic University.

"Cardinal Clancy through his new work, Walk Worthy of Your Vocation, explores the writings of St Paul at a popular level enticing the reader to reflect upon how relevant and challenging the words of St Paul are in our society today," said ACU vice-chancellor Professor Peter Sheehan, who will launch the book at the North Sydney campus on Friday afternoon.

The book aims to introduce St Paul to all, from those who find him somewhat intimidating to those who just have not had occasion to read his letters.

Cardinal Clancy said his purpose is to "draw as much attention as possible to Paul's own words and encourage the reading of the sacred scriptures themselves".

"My hope is that my readers will not skip the quotations, but will pause and reflect on them as they go. There in lie the real riches of these pages, the book maybe small, but not one to be read in haste," he said.

Walk Worthy of Your Vocation takes its title from the Douay version of Ephesians 4:1.

"One has to study Paul's understanding of the Chrsitian vocation before taking up his counsels on how to live it worthily. Hence the chapters stemming from Paul's experience on the road to Damascus. The title gives expression, I believe, to an abiding purpose in all of Paul's letters," said Cardinal Clancy.

Cardinal Clancy was an Auxiliary Bishop in Sydney and Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn, before being appointed Archbishop of Sydney. He was elevated to Cardinal in 1988 and retired in 2001.

Walk Worthy of Your Vocation is published by St Paul's publications, Strathfield, NSW. There is a link to the Order page below, which also includes a telephone number for enquiries.

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31 Jul 2004