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Abbott says abortion film "will do no harm"

Catholic politican and Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott has commented on the ABC's proposed screening of a British documentary showing an abortion procedure, it would not harm Australians to understand the "brutal business" of abortion.

The Sun-Herald yesterday quoted Mr Abbott's comment that it would not harm Australians to understand the "brutal business" of abortion.

"It is an ugly business and it probably doesn't hurt for the Australian people to understand just what is going on in clinics all around Australia," he said.

My Foetus, created by British filmmaker Julia Black, caused controversy when it screened in Britain in April, primarily over footage of a vacuum pump abortion of a four-week-old foetus.

The Catholic Church has not commented, but Right to Life Australia president Margaret Tighe said she hopes women considering a termination would view the program.

By contrast, the lobby group Children by Choice is warning that the footage could upset the estimated one in four women who have had an abortion.

"Women who are concerned about revisiting the experience of abortion should think very carefully about watching, and I probably would not recommend it," co-ordinator Cait Calcutt said.

Mrs Tighe said she hoped the film would reduce the abortion rate from its estimated 100,000 termination procedures a year.

"Hopefully it will have some impact," she said. "We are killing all these wonderful children who could make a wonderful contribution to Australia."

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12 Jul 2004