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Australian ethicist rethinks position on 'vegetative state'

Salesian Fr Norman Ford, who told a ground-breaking Rome conference in March that patients subject to "post-coma unresponsiveness" are suffering a form of "indignity" and should be allowed to die, has revised his position in the light of the comments of Pope John Paul II.

The National Catholic Reporter's John Allen reports that Fr Ford has written a new paper reflecting on the Holy Father's hard-line position against withdrawal of food and water from such patients.

Fr Ford conceded that the Pope's position is "authoritative without being definitive."

He accepted the Pope's position that it is morally obligatory to provide food and water "to the extent in which and as long as it is seen to achieve its proper purpose."

However Fr Ford continues to argue that there is some room for interpretation.

"Clearly there is scope for the responsible exercise of professional judgement by doctors and health carers to determine if patients are truly being nourished and their suffering alleviated. The pope's teaching applies in principle and does not rule out the ethical use of professional judgement by doctors should other medical contraindications arise," he wrote.

"In poor countries where food is scarce even for young babies and facilities are lacking to provide medically assisted nutrition and hydration, health professionals cannot be blamed for this tragic situation."

Ford notes that the Pope has called for positive action to ensure that the lives of such patients are not terminated by the withdrawal of food and water.

"Catholic healthcare facilities need to heed this teaching and to implement it," Ford wrote.

At the same time, however, Ford said special attention will need to be given to staff and any agents with an enduring power of attorney who find in conscience they are unable to follow papal directives.

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12 Jul 2004