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Brisbane miracle investigation report still weeks away

An investigation into the authenticity of weeping religious statues at a Brisbane church has become as much of a mystery as the incident itself, according to a report in Brisbane's Courier-Mail newspaper today.

The paper says it has been more than six weeks since parishioners at the Vietnamese Catholic Community Centre at Inala first saw what they said were blood and rose-scented oil coming from the statues. But an official inquiry into the incident is far from over.

Soon after the 21 May incident, Archbishop John Bathersby appointed a panel of experts to examine the statues.

Fr Adrian Farrelly, who heads the panel, is on leave and could not be contacted for comment yesterday. A Church spokesman said Fr Farrelly will return to work next Tuesday but his findings are not imminent.

The spokesman said the scientific component of the investigation has been completed but Fr Farrelly is still compiling witness statements.

He said Fr Farrelly is "not at liberty to make a preliminary report".

"He has to draw all of the elements together and make a report to the Archbishop . . . he can't release certain parts (of the investigation) without others," the spokesman said. "A finding is still some weeks away."

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9 Jul 2004