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Salesian priest leaves Samoa

The head of the Salesians in Samoa, Fr John Murphy, is reported to have left the country ahead of an investigation into whether he should be deported for supporting a visa application for a fellow Melbourne-based Salesian priest with child abuse convictions.

An article in today's Melbourne Age says Fr Murphy's departure from the Order's Moamoa Theological College in the capital, Apia, has been reported by The Observer newspaper, according to Poloma Komiti, from the Samoan Prime Minister's office.

Salesians in Samoa have told The Age for several days they do not know where Fr Murphy is, while the order's Melbourne headquarters says it does not know if he is in Australia.

The Melbourne-based head of the order in Australia and the Pacific, Fr Ian Murdoch, has not responded to queries about the crisis engulfing the Salesians.

A number of priests and brothers from the order are accused of sexual and physical abuse of young boys at the order's Rupertswood College in Sunbury outside Melbourne over decades.

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9 Jul 2004