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Mercies report on ethnic clashes in PNG

The latest newsletter of the Mercy International Justice Network has revealed that sisters have been assisting victims of ethnic and religious clashes in various parts of Papua New Guinea, including a Christian Brother who was wounded.

The newsletter mentions the sisters assisting "a young woman student who had been attacked". It says that "on another occasion one of the Christian Brothers, .. a friend of the Sisters, received very severe injuries to his arm."

It reflects on violence, in both private and public places, is "a huge oppression that they must deal with in PNG".

"We were reflecting on how the Sisters could influence societal structures or public life in order to make a difference. Firstly Julie Anne emailed me to say that there had been a big march protesting against the violence, in which our Sisters participated. Then Mariska informed me that she and some of the Sisters were determined to get an account of the attack against the Christian Brother into the local pidgin speaking paper - so that the local people could read it and know about the violence. Mariska knows the editor of that paper."

MIJN Asia Pacific Newsletter 2004

Papua New Guinea: Mercy Sisters Work for Peace in Ethnic-Religious Clashes
(Vidimus Dominum 28/7/04)

Mercy International Justice Network

30 Jul 2004