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Sudan bishop urges pressure on unreliable government

The bishop of the Sudanese diocese that includes the western region of Darfur has issued a statement declaring that the international community "must seriously step up pressures on Sudan".

Bishop Antonio Menegazzo told the Rome-based MISNA news agency that the Khartoum government "continues promising without keeping its word".

He added that "the government is insisting that the refugees return to their homes, but there are not the necessary conditions".

Bishop Menegazzo is also Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of El Obeid in the region of Darfur, which is torn by a conflict that is causing a major humanitarian crisis.

"The situation is in constant deterioration," he told MISNA.

The 'Janjaweed' militias continue attacking villages, torching homes and looting the black Muslim population of the region.

"The government of Khartoum just yesterday asked for more time to disarm the Janjaweed militias", he said.

"In the meantime, the local authorities are clearly demonstrating their disapproval of the visits of various international organisations, refusing to co-operate in a verification of the conditions of the displaced in the camps".

The same difficulties were experienced also by the Papal envoy Archbishop Joseph Cordes, president of the 'Cor Unum' Pontifical Council, who a few days ago visited Sudan.

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29 Jul 2004