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Better prospects for Catholic school leavers

A Victorian study has revealed that 47% of Catholic school leavers take up a place at university compared with 34% of those from Government schools.

The figures also show that compared with government school students, half the number of Catholic school graduates are unemployed.

The findings of the second annual On Track survey, which followed the fortunes of more than 30,000 of last year's school leavers, are published in this morning's press.

A survey of last year's VCE graduates found that more than 67% of students from independent schools took up an offer at university, compared with 47% from Catholic schools and 34% of government school students.

State Education Minister Lynne Kosky said the "On Track" survey aims to give parents and students more sophisticated information about what schools offered beyond Year 12. She said the information also recognised that not everybody aimed for university, with many students instead choosing TAFE, vocational education or a job.

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On Track

26 Jul 2004