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Time capsule search wrecks school garden

A capsule buried at a Gold Coast school 25 years ago has proved impossible to find, even after heavy machinery was called in and a flower garden destroyed.

Australian Associated Press reports that a backhoe and an excavator dug an 8m wide and 2m deep crater in the manicured front garden at St Kevin's Catholic primary school this week in a frustrated search for the metre-long plastic capsule.

"We've dug up 60 cubic metres of dirt so far and have practically demolished the garden and we still can't find it," assistant principal Bernadette Swindley said yesterday.

The capsule, which was to be the main attraction of the school's 25th anniversary celebrations, contained photographs, coins, a dollar note, maps and toys.

Its burial made local headlines in 1979 with a front page story in the Gold Coast Bulletin.

The quest to recover the contents began last week with staff digging with shovels around a steel rainbow sculpture at the school's entrance.

When that failed the original principal was called in to help pinpoint where she believed it was buried.

"We had an excavator come in and then we went to an eight-tonne backhoe to dig right down," Ms Swindley said.

The school doesn't believe the capsule was stolen but suspect it could have been mistakenly removed when a tree was taken away a few years ago.

"We've got a great topic for the children to write about, where they think it might have gone," Ms Swindley said.

Time-capsule search wrecks garden (Daily Telegraph/AAP 21/7/04)
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St Kevin's Catholic School

22 Jul 2004