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Another top Salesian speaks to The Age

Former Salesian Provincial Fr Julian Fox has spoken to The Age newspaper from Rome, denying wrongdoing and saying he could not remember the former students who compained about his alleged actions.

Fr Fox, a linguist now working at the Salesians' headquarters in Rome, has been accused by two Melbourne complainants of sex abuse at the Catholic order's Rupertswood College at Sunbury.

In one case, which was settled in 2000 with an express denial of liability and to avoid litigation, $35,600 was paid to a man who alleged he had been sexually and/or physically assaulted by Fr Fox between 1978 and 1979.

But Fr Fox, who for six years was Provincial of the 115-member Salesian order in Australia and the Pacific, told The Age from Rome: "I have never, ever abused a young person in those sorts of ways."

He also said he could not now recall the names of his accusers and could not remember them when first told of the allegations.

"You teach thousands of kids, sure, some stick in your mind for things they have done . . ."

Fr Ian Murdoch, the Melbourne-based head of the Salesians, said the case was "tragic" because the accuser was not believed at first and went on to a life of drugs and jail.

Fr Murdoch has also revealed a second allegation involving Fr Fox, where the father of an alleged victim wanted to pursue a case but his son did not.

Fr Murdoch flew to Fiji, where Fr Fox was the Salesian rector from 1999 until earlier this year, to confront him with the claims. He said Fr Fox agreed to psychological tests, the results of which were not conclusive but raised serious questions about Fr Fox.

Fr Fox said the tests were to determine if he was of sound body and mind, not to determine truth or the lack of it, as he had not committed an offence.

However, he agreed to go to Rome where he took the test again and was cleared.

Fr Fox accused the media of "inventing" when reporting the allegations against him. "We are in a climate where people can certainly make allegations . . . Being a priest in today's climate, I guess it is always a possibility.

"I have steadfastly maintained that it is not an accurate accusation," Fr Fox said.

Asked why the Salesians paid tens of thousands of dollars to the alleged victim, Fr Fox said: "The process of the church is that the circumstances of the person making allegations are taken into account . . . and the church bends over backwards to give them assistance."

He said he had not taken legal action to clear his name because he did not want to embroil his order or the alleged victim in such an ordeal.

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21 Jul 2004