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Mass Translation: Irish Bishops want new draft

In a media release received early this morning (Australian time) from the Irish Bishops' Conference it has been confirmed that the Irish Bishops have requested a new draft English translation of the Mass that, while "faithful to the Latin original" reflects "a style that is contemporary and accessible to people in their worship and prayer".

The Irish Bishops join a growing chorus of Bishops from the English speaking world, including the Australian Catholic Bishops, who are unhappy with the present draft translation that has been circulated for comment.

The issue of the English translation of liturgical texts has been controversial since the mid-1990s when, at the behest of conservative lobbyists around the world, the Vatican intervened in the affairs of the International Commission on English in the Liturgy in an endeavour that has been widely interpreted as seeking to give more power to those wanting more centralisation of power in the Church on politically and theologically conservative lines.

IBC – Press Release, 16th June 2004

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17 Jun 2004