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US Supreme Court allows "Under God" to stay in school pledge

On a legal technicality the US Supreme Court has rejected a submission by an atheist that "under God" should not be allowed in the oath of allegiance said by school children. It has ducked making a ruling on the constitutional question.

The media is widely reporting the decision of the Supreme Court handed down yesterday. Several months ago there were widespread protests across the United States outside court buildings by both Christians and Atheist groups over the controversial case.

Associated Press reports: "It was an anticlimactic end to an emotional high court showdown over God in the public schools and in public life. It also neutralizes what might have been a potent election-year political issue in which the Bush administration argued strongly that the reference to God should remain part of the pledge."

"The outcome on Monday does not prevent a future court challenge over the same issue, however, and both defenders and opponents of the current wording predicted that fight will come quickly."

"For now, five justices said the court could not rule on the case because California atheist Michael Newdow does not have full custody of his daughter."

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16 Jun 2004