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Three quirky stories to end…

A. Westminster Abbey bans naming the sick because of legal action.
B. SA school sued because kids threw stones.
C. Prayers being "outsourced" to India.

These stories all fit into the category of "what in the dickens is the world coming to!".

Independent Catholic News reports that "Clergy at Westminster Abbey have been told not to announce the full names of people who are sick, in order to avoid risking being sued for breaching their right to privacy."

The Adelaide Advertiser reports that CBC Adelaide "is being sued by a student who claims he was negligently allowed to be injured in a schoolyard fight."

But wait for this one…

The Hindu in India reports: "Facing shortage of priests, Roman Catholic Churches in the United States, Canada and Europe have for years been 'outsourcing' religious services to India and other developing countries, says a newspaper report."

The report goes on, "Priests in India are handling Mass for special 'intentions' or requests for services to remember deceased relatives and thanksgiving prayers. … The intention – often a prayer for the repose of the soul of a deceased relative, or for a sick family member, thanksgiving for a favour received, or a prayer offering for a newborn – is announced at Mass, the New York Times reported. The requests are mostly routed to Kerala's churches through the Vatican, the bishops, or through religious bodies. Rarely, prayer requests come directly to individual priests."

"While most requests are made via mail or personally through travelling clergymen, a significant number arrive via e-mail, a sign that technology is expediting this practice."

ICN – Abbey bans naming the sick
Adelaide Advertiser – School fight sparks lawsuit
The Hindu – Report finds outsourcing of religious services in US

15 Jun 2004