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NSW Catholic employers welcome decision on teacher wages

Executive Director of the Catholic Commission for Employment Relations (CCER) Michael McDonald welcomed said the release of yesterday's Industrial Relations Commission decision to provide a further 6.5% to salaries in addition to the 5.5% granted by the Commission earlier this year.

Mr McDonald said the increase acknowledges the work undertaken by teachers.

He also welcomed the further adjustment to the salaries of principals and others in leadership positions, which provides an effective 19.5% pay rise for principals.

Catholic school executives will be paid significantly more than their government colleagues under a court decision that paves the way for more strikes in public schools.

"CCER has worked on behalf of Catholic employers to ensure that the issues associated with teachers and their work was properly presented to the Commission in the Special Case," he said. "CCER also acknowledges with this outcome the substantial agreement with the Independent Education Union in presenting this matter to the Commission for its determination."

Mr McDonald stated that it had been the position of Catholic employers that it was most appropriate for the Commission to hear this case and to make a determination. The judgment provides for an increase of 12% over the two year period to the end of December 2005 and is an adjustment in salaries which is heading in the right direction.

The president of the NSW Secondary principals Council, Chris Bonnor, told the Sydney Morning Herald that the ruling on Catholic principals would "open up a can of worms" and many of the 400 public school principals he represented would be "incredulous".

Both public and Catholic schools have had trouble in recent years recruiting teachers into executive positions, partly because of the pay scales and the responsibilities.

"We get quality applicants but they're not queuing up in large numbers," Mr Bonnor said.

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11 Jun 2004