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Jesuit advocate says there's no good reason for child detention

Human rights lawyer Fr Frank Brennan has told a Sydney rally that there is no reason for keeping asylum seekers in detention - especially children - other than bureaucratic convenience and the government's desire for popularity.

He said there might be good reason to detain people who arrived on our shores without documentation, but only for the briefest of times while it was determined they were not a health or security risk.

"But once we have decided those things," he asked, "why should we keep asylum seekers in detention? Why should we keep children behind razor wire? Alas there is no answer other than bureaucratic convenience and the government's desire for popularity."

Fr Brennan was one of a number of church leaders and politicians to denounce the Federal Government's policy of holding children in detention, at an Amnesty International and Chilout (Children out of Detention) rally yesterday at Sydney Town Hall.

The significance of yesterday was that the Government had failed to free all children from immigration detention by 10 June as recommended by its own human rights agency. Representing 162 children still in detention were 162 children ringing bells and 162 pairs of shoes.

Other speakers included Andrew Denton, Dr Louise Newman, Director of the New South Wales Institute of Psychiatry, ALP MP Tanya Plibersek, Liberal MP Peter King, former Liberal Party President John Valder, and Australian Democrats leader Andrew Bartlett.

Meanwhile the Uniya Jesuit Social Justice Centre announced yesterday that Fr Brennan would be leaving the Centre after 15 years, to take up a fellowship at Boston College, Massachusetts, in September.

Uniya Director Sr Patty Fawkner said that his project during the academic year will go be the lengthy descriptive title: 'Articulating the Catholic Church's Voice of Public Reason Across Religious and Cultural Divides by providing guidance to the public intellectual in a pluralist democracy who wants to translate the Church Tradition to the Modern World.'

Before he travels to the USA, Fr Brennan will make two visits to Indonesia where he will study the language and monitor the July Presidential elections.

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11 Jun 2004