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Bishop Belo's new mission in in Mozambique

Former leader of the Catholic Church in East Timor, Nobel laureate Bishop Carlos Belo, will carry out pastoral work in the Diocese of Maputo, as a member of a Salesian community in Mozambique.

The announcement was made this week Fr Pascual Chavez, the Rector Major of the Salesians of Don Bosco in Rome.

In November 2002, Bishop Belo asked Pope John Paul II to relieve him of his duties in East Timor on account of his health. This week's announcement says that now that Bishop Belo's health is restored, he wishes to work as a missionary in Mozambique.

"To go on the missions was a dream that I always had during the years of my youth," he said in a statement released yesterday by the Salesian Information Agency. "With great joy and hope I go to the brethren of Mozambique, to offer my small contribution to building the Kingdom of God and to the integral development of the people of Mozambique."

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9 Jun 2004