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Pope takes Bush to task on war

Both Pope John Paul II and anti-war protesters US President George Bush to return Iraq to Iraqis when he visited Rome on Friday.

Thousands marched across the city massed behind a banner reading, "No War - No Bush".

The Pope reserved his toughest words for the scandal over US troops' abuse of Iraqi prisoners.

"In the past few weeks other deplorable events have come to light which have troubled the civic and religious conscience of all, and made more difficult a serene and resolute commitment to shared human values," he said.

"In the absence of such a commitment, neither war nor terrorism will ever be overcome."

The White House said President Bush took no offence from the Pope's remarks. "I'm sure he's concerned about those (prison) abuses. The President is as well. That's why we're taking a systemic look at the prison system and holding people responsible," a spokesman said.

The Holy Father, who sent envoys to both Mr Bush and Iraqi president Saddam Hussein in 2003 to try to avert war, said the appointment of a head of state in Iraq and the formation of an interim government were encouraging steps towards normalisation.

"May a similar hope for peace also be rekindled in the Holy Land and lead to new negotiations, dictated by a sincere and determined commitment to dialogue, between the government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority," he said.

President Bush's audience took place shortly before Pope John Paul II left for Switzerland, where some 70,000 faithful attended the papal mass in the capital Bern.

He toured the congregation in his Popemobile before presiding at the open-air mass in an upbeat end to his first foreign trip in nine months.

On Saturday, he told young worshippers he would keep working "until the end".

A poll suggests some three-quarters of Swiss feel the Pope should retire.

The turn-out exceeded the expectations of organisers, who had reportedly feared that hopes for an audience of 50,000 would not be fulfilled.

"Dear young friends," he said. "You should know that the Pope likes you, accompanies you daily in his prayers, counts on your co-operation in the matter of the Gospel and encourages you to proceed optimistically in the path of Christian living."

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