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Church condemns celibacy TV documentary

The Church has criticised a documentary screened in the US earlier this week that links celibacy to clergy sex abuse.

The program interviewed abuse victims, historians and psychologists. It was filmed in 10 countries, and featured interviews with current and former priests, including one who underwent castration because he could not control his sexual urges on entering the priesthood.

A review from the Catholic News Service, written by David DiCerto, called the film "a polemic against the Catholic Church's entire sexual ethos". It attacked the documentary for "trotting out the hoary chestnuts about the Church's thinking that sex is, at best, a necessary evil".

DiCerto, who works for the Office for Film and Broadcasting of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, said: "The Church does not deny that certain members of the clergy have committed heinous crimes resulting in immeasurable harm by their betraying the trust of those they were sent to serve."

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30 Jun 2004