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Catholic Health Chief blasts Labor Party about face

Catholic Health Australia CEO, Francis Sullivan, appeared on national television news bulletins last night blasting the Labor Party's about face over increased charges for prescription medicines.

Mr Sullivan said "this is an astonishing decision given Labor's previously strongly held view that the poor and sick would need to be protected from the proposed new charges."

"So much for Labor's supposed commitment to a universal health system where the lower paid and sick are subsidised by the young and well."

"Due to Labor's acquiescence low income people, the sick and chronically ill will pay up to 9% of their take home pay on medicines whereas the better off, who can afford more, will only pay up to 2%."

"Labor is confusing pursuing good health policy with an expedient strategy to bring tax comfort to some at the expense of the sick and lowly paid."

"As it now stands the poor and those who suffer from illness and chronic conditions no longer have a voice in the major parties."

CHA – Who Hears the Cry of the Poor and the Sick?

24 Jun 2004