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Communion: more feedback

In a further indication that the leadership of the Church is endeavouring to take the heat out of communion being used as a political battering ram, the respected CNS news agency is reporting that the American Bishops are trying "to move abortion politics away from the Communion rail and into the hearts of individual Catholics".

At the same time the news agency makes the observation that reaction to the statement indicates that the debate will continue.

It is apparent that conservative and pro-life agencies are interpreting the Bishops' statement in an altogether different manner. The document, "Catholics in Political Life", has enough leeway to allow more strident interpretations. Lifesite News, for example, emphasises the aspects of the document where the Bishops are continuing to emphasise the sanctity of life and interprets this to mean that a hard line should continue to be taken against politicians with different interpretations to their own. It does acknowledge in one sentence though that "On the question of withholding Communion from pro-abortion politicians, the document leaves the final decision to local bishops."

The CNS article attempts to provide an overview of the different interpretations being placed on the document both by the Bishops themselves and by a range of other activist organisations.

CNS - Bishops try to move abortion-politics debate away from Communion rail
LifeSite News - U.S. Catholic Bishops Conference Says Pro-Abortion Politicians Should be Shunned

23 Jun 2004