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Religious Leaders reported to be upset at Nuncio's homily

The new e-journal OnLine Catholics is reporting that Religious Leaders present at a Mass celebrated by the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Francesco Canalini, are upset that he used his homily to lecture the assembly on liturgical abuses.

Although most of the attendees who voiced complaints to OnLine Catholics declined to be named for fear of repercussions, the journal says "newly elected President of the ACLRI, Sr Rosemarie Joyce csb, who is a canon lawyer, sought to control the damage. 'It is true that some were unhappy with the Nuncio's homily,' she said yesterday. 'We will be taking time to consider any further response,' Sr Rosemarie said.

The journal quotes a range of religious present at the conference some of whom were plainly very upset and others who were more philosophical about the ways of the Church.

OnLine Catholics - Papal Nuncio lectures Australian Religious
NOTE: In the early hours of this morning when publishing CathNews it was not possible to ascertain if this article is available for free access or is only accessible to subscribers.

23 Jun 2004