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True love waits worth the wait

The Murdoch press website this morning carries a The Sunday Telegraph story providing very positive publicity to the Church-based youth chastity movement True Love Waits and its Sydney offshoot, Worth the Wait.

The article is principally built around the story of 23 year old North Sydney office administrator Anne Bennett. It claims "Ms Bennett is one of thousands of young Australians - part of a growing international abstinence movement - who have vowed to remain celibate until their wedding night."

The newspaper reports, "the youth abstinence movement in the US claims more than 200,000 devotees. True Love Waits and its Sydney offshoot, Worth The Wait, share a sleek website and are the most popular Australian versions of the global movement."

"All are based on the Christian fundamentalist Pentecostal faiths, and many operate out of churches. They are also cashing in on Christianity's new cachet."

Ms Bennett told the paper she is reluctant to link her vow with her Baptist faith. She says: "Abstinence is such an old-fashioned word. It's not like a virgins' club. It's not like we get together and giggle and say: 'Ooh, sex!'"

"It's just that we have so much sex around us all the time. Everything is about sex and to do with sex. I like the idea of being the alternative, but I don't like the idea of ramming it down people's throats."

"I just want young people to understand that, despite the fact sex is everywhere, not everyone is doing it."

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21 Jun 2004