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Melbourne boy gets "divorce" from mother

A 14-year-old Melbourne boy has been granted a divorce from his mother on the grounds of irreconcilable differences.

According to the report published in the Sunday Telegraph yesterday, the "divorce" was sanctioned by the Children's Court last month after counselling for the warring parties failed. A family court spokesperson and a parents' rights activist said it was likely he was the youngest Australian child to have divorced his family.

The newspaper says the boy's distraught mother, a laboratory technician, said she felt let down and betrayed. She said it was ludicrous that a boy could divorce his family.

The boy is a house captain at an exclusive private college. He is reported as saying: "I still love Mum heaps and want to keep in contact with her . . . but I don't think I could live with her for a long period. I was very challenging. I pushed Mum too far most of the time. She was pretty strict as a parent, but she never did anything to hurt me for the sake of hurting me."

"The main reason why I had to go through this was to give us both space and get the relationship stronger.

Sunday Telegraph - Boy gets divorce from mum

21 Jun 2004