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Vic. Govt to oppose restricting Morning-After Pill

The Victorian Government would block any attempt by Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott (pictured) to return the morning- after pill to prescription-only status, according to State Health Minister Bronwyn Pike in a report in the Melbourne Age yesterday.

Mr Abbott told the paper last week that he wanted to reverse the National Drugs and Poisons Schedule Committee recommendation that made the emergency contraception available without prescription, from January 1.

Mr Abbott has cited concern about media reports that 13-year-old girls were requesting the drug at pharmacies. But Ms Pike said she had not seen any evidence that the drug's increased availability encouraged promiscuity

Ms Pike said: "I think the scheduling committee has made their decision on the basis of a very wide range of evidence. I think that's the right decision."

While use of the morning- after pill, called Postinor-2, was not ideal, Ms Pike said it was sometimes necessary.

Catholic pro-life groups and Church leaders have been heavily opposed to the availability of Postinor-2 particularly without prescription. The Australian Medical Association has also been strongly opposed to the sale of the drug without prescription from a doctor.

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21 Jun 2004