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Religious leaders urge: "Embrace Difference in a global culture of fear"

Australia's leaders of religious institutes urge the Church to "embrace difference in a global culture of fear".

This is one of the major themes that emerged during the annual assembly of the Australian Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes (ACLRI) attended by 120 leaders of Religious Institutes in Brisbane from 16-20 June. Members of the Conference committed themselves to continue to collaborate, through dialogue and action, in creating an inclusive society and Church which embraces difference, especially in addressing the following issues:

  • Promoting a culture of peace and reconciliation in response to a growing culture of fear in our society;
  • Creating a Church community and liturgy where people feel a sense of welcome and belonging in response to the growing sense of alienation and marginalisation of many Catholics, including members of Religious Institutes;
  • Working with and on behalf of those made poor and powerless to transform the unjust structures of our society, especially in this election year.

The 120 leaders of religious institutes present at the conference represent around 8,800 sisters, brothers and priests around Australia and in missionary activities overseas.

In a media statement sent to CathNews at the conclusion of the Conference, the newly-elected President of ACLRI, Sr Rosemarie Joyce csb, said:

"My hope is that the leaders of Religious Institutes will leave this conference committed to finding creative ways to continue to dialogue openly and respectfully with all those who embody 'the different' and 'the other' as expressions of the communion and the otherness that exist in God."

ACLRI – Media Release – Embracing Difference: an opportunity for religious leadership
ACLRI website

21 Jun 2004