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Good Friday football match unlikely but...

Fox Sport and The Age are carrying stories this morning saying that the AFL is unlikely to endorse football on Good Friday next year. Self-evidently from the stories the push for change is on though with Collingwood president Eddie McGuire leading the charge.

With the push on for change, does the question have to be asked: can the Christian churches continue to rely on conscription approaches to Mass attendance and government edicts preserving the sacred nature of the Sabbath and Holy Days, or do they have to start marketing the mission of Jesus Christ like the AFL and the entertainment moguls like Rupert Murdoch and Kerry Packer market their products?

Both Fox Sport and The Age reporters are picking up the sense that the AFL is unlikely to be persuaded to change policy in the immediate term. At the same time, it is evident when a person like Eddie McGuire (pictured) starts throwing his weight around on an issue that change is in the air. In this particular matter, Eddie is quite open about this connection to Catholicism as well and how his personal views have changed through observation of changes in community expectations. Read the full stories at the links below and form your views for an emerging hot debate. Can the Church afford to continue to rely on government sanction to preserve the Sabbath and Sacred days or does the Church have to market itself like every other organisation competing for public attention?

The Age – AFL pours cold water on Good Friday push
Fox Sports – AFL pours cold water on Good Friday push

18 Jun 2004