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Bishops urge prayer for rain

As an increasing number of Australian regions are being drought-declared after only a short respite, the Bishops have expressed their solidarity with affected communities by issuing a call to prayer.

"We the Catholic Bishops of Australia stand in solidarity with all our brothers and sisters who are being so adversely affected by drought.

"We recognise the courageous perseverance of so many Australians who have chosen to remain on the land, and for those who continue to live in rural communities."

In NSW and Queensland more than 60 per cent of farmers face drought conditions and the other states are only marginally better off. The Bishops issued their call during their meeting in Sydney this week.

"Whilst some areas of Australia are rejoicing in plentiful rain - at this moment we call on all Australians to join with us in an act of faith and trust in God, who provides for all our needs."

The Bishops issued a suggested form of words for the prayer: "Lord God, creator of the world with all its seasons, we ask that you would hear our urgent prayer for life-giving rains for our country. Amen."

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14 May 2004