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Bishops respond to draft Mass translation

The Australian Bishops have given general approval to the new draft translation of the Order of Mass prepared by the International Commission for English in the Liturgy (ICEL).

"The draft isn't perfect, but it builds on what we've learnt in the last 30 years and is a step in the right direction," said Bishop Kevin Manning, Chairman of the Bishops' Committee for Liturgy.

Meeting in Sydney this week, the Bishops voted to resubmit the draft to ICEL with the their comments and the responses of the many people they had consulted, including experts in Latin, music and pastoral liturgy.

"The Bishops discussed many of the complex issues involved in this task and commended ICEL for the work done so far," Bishop Manning said.

ICEL is a body set up after the Second Vatican Council to translate Latin liturgical texts into English. In January of this year it issued a draft translation of the new edition of the Latin Missal published in 2001.

Bishop Manning said: "We look forward now to giving final approval to an accurate and dignified translation which will enrich the prayer of the whole Church and match the splendour of the mystery we celebrate at Mass."

Last month the ABC's Religion Report obtained a leaked copy of the draft and published it on the program's website.

Presenter Stephen Crittenden revealed changes such as the proposed response to the priest's 'The Lord be with you', which is 'And with your spirit', rather than the current 'And also with you'.

Among other proposals, the creed changes from being a communal profession of faith ('We believe in one God') to a personal profession of faith ('I believe in one God').

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14 May 2004