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Budget non-event for poor but Govt delivers on aged care

Fr Joe Caddy of Catholic Welfare Australia has said the Government's choice to offer an election year Federal Budget tax break only to high income earners "shows that the votes of the poor are not worth buying".

While admitting that changes to the Family Tax Benefit would "bring some welcome relief to families who are struggling", he summed up Treasurer Peter Costello's (pictured) ninth Budget by saying it lacked a strategy.

"Where is the access to affordable housing, employment and education opportunities and other essential services for the long-term unemployed, for people living in disadvantaged rural and urban communities ... the list goes on."

Meanwhile Francis Sullivan of Catholic Health Australia (CHA) described the $2.2 billion over five years Aged Care Package as "welcome relief to a sector facing a crisis".

"The Budget delivers a number of measures that CHA has been calling for," he said. "The $877.8 million conditional adjustment payment over four years on top of the current indexation arrangements goes a long way to meeting the current shortfall"

Mr Sullivan said the increased funding will "lead to a more professional industry", but noted that there are a number of strings attached to the package, and that it does not take effect until the second half of next year.

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12 May 2004