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NZ PM rejects booklet against euthanasia

New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark responded with a political statement when a group sent her their publication against euthanasia, and for dying with dignity.

The group published a booklet of the addresses given at a public forum they held last year.
Forum convener Sue Seconi said the group sent a copy to all 116 MPs.

"One has been rejected and sent back to me," she told NZ Catholic. "That was from Prime Minister Helen Clark. I immediately wrote back and asked if it was appropriate behaviour for a Prime Minister to reject a gift!"

NZ Catholic says the prime ministerial rejection suggests Ms Clark was more than just not interested in the publication - in which case she presumably would have set it aside or thrown it out. It appears, instead, she took action to send a message of her own - one which is easily read.

The forum held last April was arranged to counter the high level of media attention given to pro-euthanasia activists and to share their experiences of dealing with degenerative and terminal illnesses.

Meanwhile Miss Clark yesterday opened Auckland's first Catholic Secondary School for over 30 years. Sancta Maria College has been established at the request, over many years, of the Catholic community of Eastern Auckland to found a College in the area. It is the tenth new Catholic school to be established, nationwide, since 1995.

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3 May 2004