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More HECS places for Notre Dame Medical School

The Vice Chancellor of Perth's University of Notre Dame has welcomed the Federal Government's announcement of an additional 20 commencing HECS places for its new School of Medicine.

The Federal Government announced an initial 30 HECS places last year, out of a total approved quota of 80 places.

The announcement of the 20 additional HECS places was made this week by Federal Education Minister Dr Brendan Nelson.

Vice Chancellor Dr Peter Tannock (pictured) said the new places meant Notre Dame would be offering a total of 50 commencing HECS places when its Medical School opened in February 2005.

To facilitate this addition to its funded places in Medicine, the University agreed to forego its current entitlement to 50 commencing HECS places in its Information and Communications Technology program.

"We're delighted with these extra funded medical places. It will be very helpful to students seeking admission and also demonstrates the Commonwealth's confidence in the new School of Medicine and its mission," Dr Tannock said.

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7 May 2004