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Catholic Welfare says Treasurer Costello should resist tax cut temptation

Catholic Welfare Australia says it will be keenly watching next week's Federal Budget to see whether the Treasurer heeds recent polling results and spends Budget surplus dollars on services as opposed to tax cuts.

A number of recent polls have indicated that as many as 75% of voters would prefer to see their tax dollars spent on services as opposed to tax relief.

Catholic Welfare Australia chairperson Fr Joe Caddy said the Federal Budget should use the surplus to provide relief for those who have failed to benefit from the country's strong economic performance.

He said: "The real test for the Government is whether or not it has the courage to govern in the interests of those on whom the recent years of economic sunshine have failed to shine."

Fr Caddy urged Federal Treasurer Peter Costello to think about "positive outcomes for the common good" rather than simply go for "the short-term electoral fix of tax cuts".

Earlier this week, Catholic Health Australia CEO Francis Sullivan expressed concern that tax cuts would take priority over the vastly increased aged care sector funding demanded by the Hogan Inquiry, which the Government has been keeping under wraps until next Tuesday's Budget.

He said: "Since the much anticipated aged care funding announcement has been postponed to budget night, CHA is concerned that the budget will deliver a diminished and less substantial response to the erosion of aged care services."

Treasurer should resist Tax cut temptation (Catholic Welfare Australia 6/5/04)

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7 May 2004