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Cardinal says rape does not justify morning after pill

Even a crime such as rape cannot justify the elimination of a life, according to Chilean Cardinal Francisco Javier Errázuriz Ossa.

Cardinal Errázuriz was commenting on a decision of the Chilean Health Ministry to distribute free "morning-after" pills to rape victims.

"The free distribution of a medication whose objective is not to heal, is a more than controversial issue," the cardinal said.

"There is no lack of community authorities that are prepared to hand the pill out freely to those who request it, while others are opposed to it and express conscientious objection," he added.

In a letter to the faithful of his archdiocese, Cardinal Errázuriz said approval of a new medication requires positive proof that it is not a threat to human life.

"This is why research should prove that the 'morning-after' pill (Levonorgestrel) does not impede the implantation of the fertilised ovule in the maternal womb, namely, that it does not eliminate a human life in the embryonic state."

In fact, "the laboratories that market it already advertise that one of its effects might be to impede the implantation of the fertilised ovule in the maternal womb, thus producing the loss of a human life," he said.

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6 May 2004