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CEO head says male teacher win just a start

While pleased with this week's Howard Government announcement of 500 scholarships to counter the nationwide shortage of men in schools, Sydney Catholic Education Office Executive Director Br Kelvin Canavan says the status of the teaching profession generally needs to be elevated.

He told ABC Radio's PM that about 30% of teachers who begin in teaching in Catholic schools leave within the first five years.

"Sadly, teaching doesn't figure highly in the professional pecking order, particularly amongst some males," he said. "So I would not like to see this matter of scholarships be seen as the answer to a national problem."

He spoke of the "steady decline" in the number of male teachers in Catholic primary schools, with the proportion of male teachers in the Church's NSW schools down to 14%.

Two years ago, the Sydney Catholic Education Office sought approval from the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission to offer male-only scholarships because the vast majority of those on offer were being won by women.

The Commission said the CEO could only offer 12 male and 12 female scholarships.

Federal sex discrimination commissioner Pru Goward has accused the Government of social engineering following this week's announcement of the $1 million scholarship program, which will force changes to the Sex Discrimination Act.

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5 May 2004