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Pax Christi call for US to act as "honest broker"

The international Catholic peace movement Pax Christi has called on Israel to end its military occupation of Palestine and urged the United States to work within the framework of international law and act as an honest broker to support Palestinians and Israelis equally in developing trust-building measures.

Pax Christi has just reported on its 19-24 May International General Assembly, which has held in New York with the participation of representatives from 45 countries.

The final declaration of the gathering committed Pax Christi to work for a peaceful world, the antithesis of that sought by terrorists and the US-led 'war on terrorism'.

It also called on the "US and the UK to cease all offensive military actions in Iraq and allow the United Nations as to assume appropriate responsibility for enabling a just and peaceful transition to Iraqi authority" .

The meeting determined to echo the cry of Pope John Paul II that "war is always a defeat for humanity".

"As Christians we call our churches to the prophetic task in these dangerous times of speaking truth to power and to the challenging pastoral task of helping us reclaim Gospel values, nurture justice and right relationships and participate in the transformation of the world."

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General Assembly Pax Christi International 2004

31 May 2004