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ACU hosts inter-religious Abraham Conference

The Australian Catholic University has hosted a major event that it believes has made a major contribution to the process of inter-religious dialogue.

The event, which involved 400 people in Melbourne last weekend, was the third International and Inter-Religion Abraham Conference, titled Our Future Together: Muslims, Christians and Jews.

"ACU National is proud to have hosted and co-organised this conference which marks a significant event in the process of inter-religious dialogue," said Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs), Professor Gabrielle McMullen. "It demonstrates that it is possible for members of different faiths to meet on a common basis, to dialogue together and overcome our stereotypes and misunderstandings, to work together towards further understanding in the areas of education, religion and social issues, and to build communities marked by respect and peace."

Meanwhile another major interfaith event is taking place this week in Sydney. Titled What is Our Future Together: Muslims Christians and Jews, partner organisations include the Parramatta Catholic Diocese, Columban Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations.

Last night, Grand Mufti of Bosnia-Herzegovina Dr Mustafa Ceric delivered a the Abraham Lecture, titled The Place of Religion in the Public Space, at Parramatta's Riverside Theatre.

Session Two of the Conference, which takes place at the University of Western Sydney on Sunday, includes a panel discussion on 'Real-Life Interfaith Experience Projects and Stories' that is open to the public.

ACU National hosts third International Inter-Religion Abraham Conference (Australian Catholic University 26/5/04)
Abraham Conference - Sydney 26 & 30/5/04

Conference Leaflet

27 May 2004