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$15m plan to complete Perth Cathedral

Perth's St Mary's Cathedral will get a new lease of life under a planned $15 million redevelopment, according to a report in The West Australian this morning.

The paper says a new design unveiled for the cathedral, which has remained unfinished since it opened 139 years ago, will involve expanding the building with graceful curved sides and twin towers buttressing the entrance to boost the cathedral's capacity to 1200 people.

The Anglican Church recently was given a $3 million Federal Government grant to help restore St George's Cathedral, and the Catholic Church hopes its project also will get a government boost to the tune of more than $5 million.

The Church will ask for $3.5 million from the Federal Government and $2 million from the State Government, with the rest of the money to be raised through church funds and a community appeal.

Archbishop Barry Hickey said St Mary's has needed work for some time, as parts of the building had rising damp and structural weakness.

"The old sections of the cathedral are deteriorating and we would have had to spend millions to fix them, so rather than do that, we decided to complete the building," he said.

$15m plan to complete St Mary's (The West Australian 26/5/04)

Archdiocese of Perth

26 May 2004